Elka Elite Series shock absorbers Pep suspension is available for all popular sport and utility ATV's

Elka Elite Series shock absorbers feature independent adjustability of the high- and low-speed compression. You can adjust your suspension to react differently to big hits, sharp edges and jumps as well as for cornering and when accelerating. Racing conditions can vary dramatically from one track to another, and sometimes even within the same track. Riders can now adjust their suspension to react with optimal efficiency over an entire track without compromise. The Elite Series is perfect for those seriously committed to the cutting edge.

Features & Benefits

  • Targeted at serious racers and hardcore riders
  • Adjustable high- and low-speed compression to fine tune the compression to react differently according to the velocity of the impact, such as for cornering or when landing big jumps
  • Adjustable rebound will allow the speed of the shock to adjust when returning to its initial state after being compressed from an impact to keep the wheels on the ground
  • Rider needs to become familiar with suspension adjustment
  • A threaded preload adjustment provides very precise fine-tuning of the preload and ride height in infinite increments
  • Performance-oriented product, more comfortable for aggressive riding
  • High-end product, priced accordingly
  • These are for racers who refuse to make any compromises. They demand the highest performance and the most adjustability to suit their aggressive and fast style of riding.
  • No compromise between bottom-out protection and a smooth ride
  • More versatility to better suit various tracks and racing conditions
  • Plush ride for reduced arm pump, less rider fatigue
  • Better traction when cornering and under hard acceleration
  • Piggyback or remote reservoir for optimal oil flow and cooling
  • Less fading than regular compression shocks
  • Smooth transition between compression stages
  • Wide range of highly effective adjustments
  • Combine with our linkage components for more travel and a smoother progression throughout the stroke
  • Specifically developed to get the most performance
  • Available in long-travel or regular length version
Pep suspension is available for all popular sport and utility ATV's

Elite Racing Available Models

  • BRP
  • DS650
  • DS650 Baja,
  • DS450
  • Honda
  • TRX250R
  • TRX250X
  • TRX300EX
  • TRX400EX*
  • TRX450R**
  • TRX700XX
  • Kawasaki
  • KFX400*
  • KFX450R
  • KFX700
  • Mojave
  • Polaris
  • Outlaw 450
  • Predator 500
  • Outlaw 500
  • Outlaw 525
  • Outlaw 525 IRS
  • Suzuki
  • LT250R
  • LTZ250
  • LTZ400*
  • LTR450
  • LT500R
  • Yamaha
  • Blaster
  • Raptor 250
  • Raptor 350
  • Warrior 350
  • Banshee 350
  • Wolverine 450
  • YFZ450*
  • Raptor 660*
  • Raptor 700

* = Linkage available

** = Linkage and Pro Dual Linkage available

Flexx Handlebars

The Flexx Handlebar System

Providing the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration


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