Elka Elite Series shock absorbers Elka Elite Series shock absorbers

Elka’s Recreational Series shock absorbers feature the same quality components and careful craftsmanship as our other racing series. They are custom-built for the rider’s weight, riding style and preferred terrain, with custom spring set-up and valving. While they are not optimized for competitive use, they can greatly improve your ATV’s performance and handling. You get the same performance and benefits of our racing shocks, only with less adjustability. For recreational riders on a more modest budget, the Recreational Series greatly enhances the overall handling and performance of your quad. These value-packed, easy-to-use shock absorbers are some of the best replacement shocks you can buy for your ATV. Don’t be fooled by the price difference. The Recreational Series will provide maximum comfort and performance in a carefree package. They might not have all the adjustments of higher-end shock absorbers, but they are perfectly suited to your personal needs.


  • Targeted for intermediate riders and beginners
  • Adjustable preload only
  • Rider only needs to adjust the ride height then go ride
  • Entry-level product, comfortable for average riding
  • Rear shock is fully adjustable (Sports & Racing Series)
  • Available with or without reservoirs
  • Not suitable for racing applications
  • Vehicle-specific custom hydraulic valving to stabilize body roll
  • Custom spring rate specific for the rider’s weight
  • More adjustment options are available to fine-tune to your personal likings
  • Multi-springs set-up for a more progressive ride and plushness
  • Better traction and control by keeping all wheels on the ground
  • Optional piggyback or remote reservoir for optimal oil flow
  • Cooler running shocks for less fading


  • BRP
  • DS650
  • DS650 Baja,
  • DS450
  • Renegade 500
  • Renegade 800
  • Honda
  • TRX250R
  • TRX250X
  • TRX300EX
  • TRX400EX*
  • TRX450R**
  • TRX700XX
  • Kawasaki
  • KFX400*
  • KFX450R
  • KFX700
  • Mojave
  • Polaris
  • Outlaw 450
  • Predator 500
  • Outlaw 500
  • Outlaw 525
  • Outlaw 525 IRS
  • Suzuki
  • LT250R
  • LTZ250
  • LTZ400*
  • LTR450
  • LT500R
  • Yamaha
  • Blaster
  • Raptor 250
  • Raptor 350
  • Warrior 350
  • Banshee 350
  • Wolverine 450
  • YFZ450*
  • Raptor 660*
  • Raptor 700

* = Linkage available

** = Linkage and Pro Dual Linkage available

Flexx Handlebars

The Flexx Handlebar System

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