PARTS - PEP Race Shocks


All shocks are custom built from the information taken when ordering and are set up for each individual rider

Pep suspension is available for all popular sport and utility ATV's


Available in Long Travel and Standard Travel

These are our entry level high performance shocks with easy spring fine tuning, low maintenance and non adjustable external dampening. Internally they have competition proven bump sensitive damping with the stages tuned to work with the triple rate springs and crossovers for superior response to small,medium and large bumps.The top two springs have adjustable crossovers for fine tuning and also have adjustable preload.They have gas remote reservoirs for consistent damping and control and come preset and will generally not need to be adjusted but can be if desired with the use of the set-up and fine tuning explanation sheets.

Recommended for amateur riders and play riding


Available in Long Travel and Standard Travel

The " Limited Mechanical Active Suspension System " increases compression and damping to prevent chassis roll to increase turning speed, lift for jumps and anti bottoming control. PEP's unique adjustable cross over set up allows for fine tuning for different track conditions to help you enjoy your ride a lot more.

Recommended for all levels of racing from beginner to Pro


Available in Long Travel and Standard Travel

The " ZERO PRELOAD SYSTEM " is a unique design that has adjustable ride height so the chassis can be set at a low ride height while having long travel.For example a vehicle with 12 inches of travel could be set to sit at a height of a vehicle with 9 inches of travel and be adjusted in height up or down from there. This provides a low centre of gravity that increases cornering speed. The chassis floats on the suspension for maximum weight transfer and traction for faster acceleration off starts, corners and lift for jumps. By isolating the chassis from the suspension this way, ZPS reduces impact and fatigue to both the chassis and the rider. Smoother and more controllable means faster. PEP ZPS suspensions have been used to win every class of the Grand national Championships which is a first for any suspension company.

Recommended for the serious racer

Flexx Handlebars

The Flexx Handlebar System

Providing the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration


Quad Squad are dealers for E-Ton ATV's

Quad Squad are dealers for E-Ton ATV's We also provide full aftersales service, repairs and parts access for all E-Ton ATV's


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