The Quad Squad is proud to announce that it is now offering an Upgrade service for OEM shocks

Send us your OEM shocks and we will upgrade them with parts from the best suspension component manufacturers in the world, such as Stadium Suspension Technologies. First up we disassemble your shocks completely and thoroughly clean and inspect all parts before the upgrade begins. Then we install a CNC machined High-flow piston and the latest multistage valving specs to suit your bike, type of riding and most importantly…YOU!! We then install a new Multi-stage spring setup to suit the application. All this on top of a full shock service that includes new high grade fluids and a fresh nitrogen charge. The end result is a setup that will dramatically improve the ride and overall handling of your bike.

Shown below is a pair of rebuilt front LT-R 450 front shocks with a dual-rate setup and hard anodizing of the bodies.

Elka Elite Series shock absorbers

Why choose a Quad Squad Suspension Upgrade?

Because OEM shock components, particularly the piston, valving and springs are mass produced to a budget that has to cater for a variety of applications. Each Quad Squad Suspension upgrade is setup for your individual application, which takes into account your type of riding, bike setup and rider weight and ability.

Another huge advantage of the Quad Squad Suspension upgrade is the “high-flow” piston. Compared to the OEM piston, the piston we use is a lot less restrictive and allows a greater volume of fluid to pass through the ports resulting in a smoother feel for the rider by removing the harshness in your suspension action that is caused by the OEM piston.

The flow is then controlled by the latest multi-stage valving setup that has been formulated for your application. Also included in the upgrade is a new low friction, long life seal head, the new seal head will reduce the amount of stiction on the shaft resulting in a smoother action and increased seal life Performance and satisfaction guaranteed

  • Available models:
  • Honda TRX 450R Front and Rear
  • Suzuki LTR450 Front and Rear
  • Yamaha YFZ450 Front and Rear
  • Yamaha Raptor 700 Front and Rear
  • Kawasaki KFX450 Front and Rear
  • Raptor 660 Rear
  • Banshee Rear
  • Can Am DS450XMX

Flexx Handlebars

The Flexx Handlebar System

Providing the most comfortable ride possible and virtually eliminates vibration


Quad Squad are dealers for E-Ton ATV's

Quad Squad are dealers for E-Ton ATV's We also provide full aftersales service, repairs and parts access for all E-Ton ATV's


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