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Brand - ITP

Model – Quadcross MX

sports quad Tyres QuadCross MX

ITP takes ATV motocross race tire technology to the next level with the release of the all-new QuadCross MX. The QuadCross MX represents a radical departure from ITP's current line of high-performance knobby tires, hence the new name.

Tested and developed with the assistance of the factory Yamaha and Kawasaki race teams, the QuadCross MX is designed specifically for very hard-packed, blue-groove type motocross racetracks. The resulting product features a specially formulated soft rubber compound that finds traction on the slickest of surfaces, yet displays surprisingly long wear characteristics. A completely new dimpled knob design complements this high-tech rubber compound to provide excellent bite during acceleration and braking, in addition to delivering well-balanced cornering performance. The front QuadCross MX uses an all-new dual-ribbed dimpled knob pattern that steers precisely with a very light feel and reduced lateral roll.

The ITP QuadCross MX debuts in front 20x6-10 and rear 18x10-8 sizing. Light, fast and durable, it's the edge every ATV racer is looking for! And we mean every racer! This is not a limited-production tire available to only select riders at national events!

Brand - ITP

Model - Holeshot MXR6

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot MXR6
  • MXR6 Front: 19x6-10, 20x6-10 (2-ply); Rear: 18x10-8, 18x10-9 (2-ply).
  • An ideal choice for loose track surfaces, with wider-spaced split knobs for better bite and clean-out.
  • Rear MXR6 uses a new reinforced carcass for 2006; minimizes stretching while maintaining a flat profile, providing consistent feel and performance.
  • New carcass allows lower tire pressures, enhancing control as well as ride comfort.
  • Front MXR6 features a new, longer-wearing tread compound-more motos per tire!

Rear: 18x10-8, 18x10-9
Front: 20x6-10, 19x6-10

Brand - ITP

Model - Holeshot SX

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot SX
  • All new for 2006! The next-generation high-performance motocross knobby. The most technologically advanced race tire ever!
  • Specifically designed and developed to dominate on the hard-packed MX tracks so common in ATV racing today. The drier and slicker the track surface, the greater advantage the Holeshot SX rider will enjoy.
  • Rear Holeshot SX utilizes a specially reinforced carcass that minimizes stretching while maintaining a flat profile, providing consistent feel and performance without a sacrifice in ride comfort.
  • New "RR" tread compound yields unmatched hard-pack performance as well as surprisingly long life (getting more motos out of a set of tires was a primary design goal).
  • Rear SX tread pattern uses more tightly-spaced knobs to increase tire contact patch, while the redesigned knobs have been laterally sipped (thinly cut), which results in twice the number of biting edges than any Holeshot that's come before.
  • Rear Holeshot SX shoulder knobs utilize a new tapered shape for greater control during corner transitions.
  • Front Holeshot SX also incorporates a tighter knob pattern and sipped knobs for increased contact area, improved steering response and better braking control in hard-pack conditions.
  • Front Holeshot SX uses the "RR" tread compound to keep the knob edges sharper longer, while the reinforced carcass also magnifies cornering precision.
  • A secondary benefit of the new carcass design is that it allows for lower tire pressures than in the past, enhancing ride comfort as well as steering traction.

Rear: 18x10-8
Front: 20x6-10

Brand - ITP

Model - Hole shot MXR4 Rear

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot MXR4 rear
  • Most advanced rear motocross knobby ever designed
  • ATVA GNC MX Championship winner in 2004 under Team Suzuki’s Doug Gust
  • New reinforced knob design for 2005, for more consistent bite and cornering
  • Unique 19-inch sizes are ideal for extremely sand or rough track surfaces
  • A truly lightweight high-performance tire! 1.5 pounds lighter than our standard Holeshot MX tire, and significantly lighter than our competitors
  • Built with a narrower and lighter carcass for reduced unsprung weight. The result is quicker power transfer, better handling and more Holeshots!
  • Wider-spaced knobs for better bite that clean-out on loose surfaces

Sizing 19x10-9

Brand - ITP

Model - Holeshot GNCC

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot GNCC
  • Ideal for today's 4-stroke sport machines!
  • 6-ply tough yet light in weight. 2 pounds lighter than Holeshot XC model, 2 pounds lighter than the Razr
  • Lower in profile, narrower and lighter than our XC/XCT models
  • Special angled shoulder knob design provides increased side bite for faster, more controllable cornering
  • Taller lugs for better hook up and less wheel spin under power
  • Open tread with spilt-knob design offers exceptional straight line grip, balanced cornering and unbeatable clean out
  • Specially designed for off road racing
  • Unique 21x11-9 sizing for even more choices
  • Bright hot patch logo on sidewall

Rear: 20x10-9, 21x11-9
Front: 22x7-10

Brand - ITP

Model - HoleShot XCR

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot CXT
  • Ideal for today’s 4-stroke sport machines
  • 6-ply tough yet light in weight. 2 pounds lighter than Holeshot XC model, 2 pounds lighter than the Razr
  • Lower in profile, narrower and lighter than our XC/XCT models
  • Special angled shoulder knob design provides increased side bite for faster, more controllable cornering
  • Bright hot patch logo on sidewall
  • The best handling GNCC/trail tire on the market today, thanks to its low profile and light weight

Front: 21x7-10 (6-ply)
Rear: 20x11-9, 20x11-8 (6-ply)

Brand - ITP

Model - HoleShot XCT

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot XCT
  • ITP’s tallest high-performance trail riding and racing knobby
  • Aggressive tread pattern for even more impressive cornering ability • Extremely puncture resistant thanks to extra heavy-duty sidewall construction
  • The Baja dominator! 2003 Baja 1000 Champion with Team Honda, and now the 2004 Baja 1000 winner with Team Alba Bombardier

Front: 23x7-10 (4-ply)
Rear: 22x11-9, 22x11-10 (6-ply)

Brand - ITP

Model - HoleShot H-D

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot H-D
  • The roughest, toughest Holeshot tire ever
  • Unmatched performance and durability
  • Engineered to handle the most extreme trail conditions possible
  • Wider than other trail riding and racing tires, to help climb out and stay out of ruts
  • New, stepped shoulder knob design offers an additional degree of side bite and rut control
  • Larger, wider-spaced lugs provide a whole new level of traction when it’s needed most
  • Special focus on the sidewall has resulted in unmatched puncture resistance
  • Despite the rugged, aggressive nature of this new tire, it remains, like all Holeshots, surprisingly light

Front: 22x7-10 (6-ply)
Rear: 20x11-9, 20x11-10 (6-ply)

Brand - Carlisle

Model - Snow Hog (Mini Holeshot)

Sports quad Tyres Snow Hog

Carlisle Snow Hog is very similar to a Holeshot MXR tyre but is thinner and lighter for better performance on Mini ATV’s, Perfect for the MX track. Goes together great with front MX or MRX6.

Sizing:16x6.5-8 (2ply), 18x6.5-8 (4ply)

Brand - Carlisle

Model - Turf Tamer

Sports quad Tyres Holeshot H-D
  • 3 ply for light weight and optimum durability
  • Tight small lug patter for excellent hook up on flat track surfaces
  • One of the most popular flat track tyres in AUS

Sizing:18x11-8, 20x11-9

Brand - ITP

Model - Trac Star

Sports quad Tyres Trac Star
  • Provides all the benefits of radial tire technology-super-comfortable ride and
  • exceptional traction over a wide variety of terrain conditions-but with a hard-core sporting edge.
  • Very light in weight yet 6-ply tough to inspire greater rider confidence.
  • Unique Z-shaped tread pattern and natural rubber compound deliver exceptional performance and extended tire life.
  • Front Trac Star rides like an OEM tire but steers like an MX racing-type tire, for excellent ride comfort and precise control.
  • Rear Trac Star's staggered tread pattern provides a perfect balance of traction and control that enables it to hold a line as well as slide predictably.
  • Wide spacing between knobs makes this one of the best self-cleaning tires on the market-ideal for muddy conditions.
  • Significant improvement in cornering and overall handling compared to OEM tires.
  • Available for many of today's popular ATV models.
  • Shop and compare-you won't find a 6lpy radial sport tyre at this price anywhere else!

Front: 21/7R10, 22/7R10 (6-ply)
Rear: 20/10R9 (6-ply)

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